Miller James Mini's

Miniature canvas paintings from across our various collections. Ideal for smaller spaces.

‘Miller James Mini’s’

Introducing miniature original paintings from across our various collections.

Each painting is completed with individual, handcrafted embellishments and finished with at least two coats of high gloss resin, just like our standard paintings only Mini; ideal for small spaces…

We offer a box canvas (see the first image below) or a wood panel which is then framed (panel only). The box canvas’s are gift wrapped. Interest free instalment payments on all our paintings available. P&P £9.99.

Below are the available box canvas sizes and starting from prices:

8x8 inches from £250

10x10 inches from £325

12x12 inches from £395

20x8 inches from £375

Simply browse through the examples below, or through each collection here on our website, and see which paintings you love the most; once you have decided, or if you would like some help, you can go to the Contact page and get in touch with us directly; and then we can begin creating your very own Miller James Mini painting…


Moonlit Dreams Collection

Super moons, glowing

lanterns, vibrant

hearts and wise old trees…

The sides of the

canvas are also delicately decorated.


Moonlit Dreams Collection

Lullaby Bay.jpg

Dreaming Towns Collection

Quirky town

houses, lighthouses, clock

towers, sail boats

and more in these unique islands…

Kepper of the Key.jpg

Golden Dreams


Rich colours, tones and hues;

decadent elements

a world of sumtous imagination.


Little Dreamers


Innocence and wonder:

the Dreamers embody so much love,

joy and peace as they

seek to find the wonderful things

life has to offer.


Living Tree’s


The orgins of the Red Door;

these are iconic within our ranges


Globe Worlds Collection

These rare paintings are

worlds within worlds; merged together

that delicately

interact with one another within

a dream.

6 £595.495.jpg

Little Dreamers Collection

Dreaming Towns Collection